Self-Consolidated Concrete

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وليد علي حسن
09/12/2016 22:36:25

Self-consolidating concrete (SCC) was first developed in the late 1980s in Japan, for the purpose of ensuring compaction of concrete in dense
reinforcement regardless of the construction work quality (ACI Committee 237, 2007; Gencel, Brostowb, Datashvili, & Thedford, 2011). As new
chemical admixtures and cementitious materials that improve the quality and lower the cost of SCC have entered the marketplace, use of SCC has
become somewhat common in construction.
SCFRC has a considerably flowable, non-segregating cement-based matrix. It spreads into place, fills the formwork, and flows around the reinforcing
steel without need for mechanical consolidation in typical concrete structures (ACI Committee 237, 2007). SCFRC has been used in several
applications, including, precast concrete, dams, bridges, industrial floors, deep foundations, and structures designed to resist seismic demands.

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